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local food

Importance of Community, especially now..

a plate of food on a table

All this pandemic chaos has got me thinking about the importance of restaurants, our local community and how vital it is they have our support in these difficult times. So we wanted to share our first (holiday themed) post on how they shape our community. To that end, we are DOUBLING OUR DONATION to Bread…

Wait… who’s leading this tour? Introducing the 2019 New Guide lineup!

Stefan guiding a walking tour!

I can’t believe we’re already here! Five days left of the summer of ’19! It has flown by with a lot of great milestones and new developments. One thing we’ve been keeping busy with here at Carpe is adding some new members to our team.  So be on the lookout for some new faces walking…

Five Principles of Fantastic Food Tours

14th Street | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

As we kick off our 2018 season, proudly entering our fourth year in business there is a lot of fondly looking back, hand horizontally perched on the eyebrow ridge, thinking about how far we have come. I’d like to think I knew what we were doing in year one, and I’m sure I believed me….

Fresh Flowers and even fresher tour updates

Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

Sitting outside on this gorgeous early spring day- basking in the evening sun staying out an hour longer, and relishing the fact that it’s too early for mosquitos- I gotta say I’m pretty jazzed.   This is that perfect time of year when everything is new.  Grass is coming up, buds are popping out, even…

Community, Power….&Pizza!

&Pizza | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

If you can’t tell from my previous winter-bashing excerpts, I’m a warm weather kind of gal. Smelling all the flowers,  and finally getting to sit on a park bench for lunch makes me feel a little nostalgic for all those carefree afternoons as a kid, playing outside, going to camp, and my parents making a…

Carpe DC’s blog series- The Power of Food! Can your carrots do this?

Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

So, full disclosure here- in case you didn’t know- I’m an Anthropology Major (no, not the clothing company- that’s anthro with an ie- although if you could major there, I would… in a perfect world) And anyone who’s ever dipped their toe in the warm, hazy, blue green waters of the subject knows that Anthro…

Get Whisked! away with this beloved DC Bakery!

Whisked DC | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

You may have seen Whisked!’s  decadent, lip-smacking cookies and pies at a District Farmer’s Market or a local coffee shop window. And while they make your heart sing for joy, and your taste buds frolic through fields of rolled oats and swim in seas of salted caramel, make no mistake- for all the delicious wonder…

Meet 2015 Head on! (bottomless mimosas optional)

Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

Wow. Wow. Wow.  I cannot believe I’m already writing a Happy 2015 post! I still remember going to Quebec City last January so clearly, I might still have some unpacking to do!  Where did the time go? No, seriously. .. Where? Now, it seems to me, that I have two options as I watch the…