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Holiday Spirits!

Mockingbird Hill | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

With the holidays so close you’re already hearing ho ho ho on tv, let’s not forget what’s important:

Hot Toddies.

No. Seriously. And if you aren’t putting fresh ginger in them, you haven’t had a real toddy, I don’t care what anyone says.

Ok, there are a few other things that make this time of year so great like holiday parties, seeing friends and family, tacky reindeer sweaters, enjoying time at home and if you’re lucky, sitting by the fire while it’s snowing outside. It’s a time for relaxing, indulging and reflecting.

So in that spirit, I’m thinking about our awesome kick-off kickass year…

Way back in July, while we were getting out ducks in a row, I was focused on the menu. I wanted all the food to flow and the drinks to be decadent. But the more we got into the script, got to know the restaurant owners and learned about the neighborhood, I started seeing things differently, kind of like the rabbit and the duck (no really- which is it?!?)

You know that feeling when you walk into a restaurant or store that gets you? And it’s just like ‘ahhhh- this is what’s up!’ That’s the best.

Maybe it’s the bright murals, maybe it’s the sweet playlist they’re rocking out to, or maybe it’s just a funky chair you would put in your apartment if you could afford find it.

I love those details- those are the things that make me want to linger way after my meal is done- and order another beer, just so I can stay out (riiight that’s the real reason I get 2 beers )

But that’s the thing. These places make you want to be out. They make being out feel like home. Or better than home. And when they do that- they are creating community.

And whether you know it or not, when you go out to eat, you’re a part of that community.

As this dawned on me, I realized our tours aren’t just about the food, but the stories of our restaurants, the people who created them, and the people who give them life every day.

It’s these very spaces that make neighborhoods worth living in.

Because without our culinary pioneers, we’d just have empty street corners.

So next time you’re out on the town, wining and dining at your favorite place or trying some place new- think about what they are really providing aside from the food- an awesome community.

And while we’re on it, take a second to consider how you can help build your community. Think of those who can’t afford to go out to (insert favorite restaurant’s name here) and do your part to make the community great for everyone.


Join us a Carpe DC Food Tour- through our one-for one model, we donate 5% of each ticket purchase to Bread for the City, which goes to feed a person in need for a day. We’re in the giving spirit, so starting now, you can take 20% off your purchase of a ticket or gift certificate using the code GIVING2014.

But whether or not it’s with us, just be sure to give back in whatever way makes sense to you.

Here’s to having a Great Holiday Season!! Cheers!