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Ho Ho Holy Holiday Gift Guide! Perfect gifts for your foodies!

Holiday Gift Guide | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

I don’t know how you approach holiday gift giving, but for me, my goal is to WOW.   I mean, I’m going for shrieks, tears, huge hugs- you name it.  I’m talking knock your socks off and into the washer kind of WOW.

But then life happens, and there is just not enough time in the day to plant your fall vegetables (*still wish we had) AND think of gifts- much less actually act on those thoughts and say, plan or even purchase something 12 weeks ahead.

I actually tried that one year- I decided to knit my mom an awesome scarf– the kind where I had to learn new stitches to make it work.   While I am proud to say I did finish that scarf- I can also say what was Christmas present became a Mother’s Day gift.  (that’s why Mom’s are the *best*)

Well the thing about a good great gift is really knowing your giftee.  Anyone can gift-card it, and let’s face it, sometimes that’s the best thing.  But knowing what they want, need and best of all- what they secretly desire- will generally land you on that WOW factor.


For the foodies in your life, it’s all about the experience, whether they love to cook, eat, or explore.   They want to get their hands dirty, savor something fabulous or try something new-but the experience is key!

With that in mind- here are some great, experience focused foodie favorites!


silicon baking sheetFor the cooks and bakers of the world, try a silicon baking sheet! With these you can take your cuisine to a whole new level- like baking piles of shredded parmesan cheese- for some of the best cheese crackers you ever put in your mouth!

You can get these bad boys starting at $22 at Williams Sonoma.

large ice cube tray


For the bartenders in your life, or general spirit lovers- we suggest giant ice cube trays! Not only do they combine fun with being super classy- they actually make the drinks better, by not melting too quickly and watering down your booze.

You can get these at Sur La Table for $9 plus shipping.


oil infuser

You could also look into these awesome herb oil infusers- they’re a game changer for anyone who loves to cook with olive oil (or any oil really!) They’re also just super attractive!

They start at $15 at Uncommon Goods .


These gifts make any foodie experience better, but you could also try giving the gift of experience!  So we’ve selected some great local experiences to give the foodies in your life.

First, if you or your loved ones haven’t tried some of the local dinner clubs in DC, you’re missing out.

We recommendseasonal pantry the Seasonal Pantry!

This awesome pantry hosts an exclusive, communal dinner club.  It’s a dining experience that will make the foodie in your life giddy.

It’s located in Shaw and sells out quick.  Prices range from $130-$160, and it’s worth every penny!



right proper brewery

Another wonderful local experience that would excite any foodie is a trip to Right Proper Brewery, however in this case- we suggest you let Right Proper come to them!  You can get their growlers filled with beers like ‘Raised by Wolves’ and ‘No Depression,’ so, really, how could you go wrong?! The growler runs $15 and with beer is another $12-14.  Not bad at all!

While you can’t get it on Amazon, you will be able to enjoy the beer yourself as you get your gift (beat that Amazon!) And with beers like ‘Raised by Wolves’ and ‘No Depression,’ how could you go wrong?!


Lastly, on our experience laden foodie gift list is our very own Carpe DC Food Tour gift certificate! These are perfect for anyone eager to try new foods, get some new cooking ideas or just learn about the Shaw and U Street Neighborhoods! While it’s pretty chilly out right now, any foodie will be excited to cash these in once it warms up in DC! And now you can take 20% off all gift certificates using the code GIVING2014, through Dec. 24th.

I hope this makes your gifting a little easier!   Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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