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Here’s comes the sun! Time to get our spring on!

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We did it!  A big  HUGE Congratulations to you all for surviving another cold season!

Ok, I know we’re not in Fairbanks and didn’t need  snowshoes , but I still think we all deserve a pat on the back for successfully getting though the never-ending span of time between the holidays and the Cherry Blossoms.

Granted we’re not in full blown no need for a jacket kind of spring- I swear I saw the beginnings of daffodils and crocuses in our yard this weekend!

While that’s my first big visual cue that we have made it through the dark, cold, vitamin D deficient tunnel to the other side- the second big cue is always auditory.

No, not the sweet sounds of birds chirping, although those are always a welcome change to howling winds, and ice crushing beneath your feet.

It’s the annual complaining and exaggerated yawning I hear from coworkers, friends and myself about that inevitable spring forward that just took place. And don’t get me wrong- our collective cries of woe around the loss of sleep are music to my ears…because all it’s really saying is

 We Did It.


We have made it to that fabulous time of year where we throw caution to the wind- and our coats in the closet!

Truth be told, I almost forget how much I love the warmth in the air until it finally gets here, but once it is I get this crazy boost of energy…

It could be the time outdoors and consequently my vitamin D levels rising or perhaps the sound of metal lawn chairs clanking on pavement signaling the reopening of my favorite beer gardens or maybe it’s simply

 the sun returning like a long lost friend who you know is going to stay a while.


It’s that great time of year when everything feels new again– fresh green grass, blossoms on trees and flowers blooming, new farmer’s market seasons!

 Makes me want to tap dance down 14th street singing in the rain style!


Now’s the time for all of us to take advantage of the Once a Year Party Mother Nature is throwing us- and get outside, take in a baseball game, smell this season’s asparagus from a local farm, or take a hike in Rock Creek Park.

This is also the start of festival season. And in case you didn’t know,

 we’re not only the nation’s political capital we’re also the nation’s Festival Capital,


with such awesome festivals as the  Dragonboat  fest, that involves racing dragonboats down the Potomac!!(whaaa?! who knew?)

This is the perfect time of year for rooftop bars and lounging too. And some great options include 1905, El Centro D.F. and Local 16 for some great roof top views and flavors! Or if you want more outdoor eating fun, check out  Truckeroo – a monthly gathering of all DC’s best food trucks! You can’t go wrong with this food on wheels!

And if soaking up the sun and eating while learning about DC sounds good you should check out our U Street Food Tour! I mean eating, drinking and getting a little DC knowledge- what a perfect spring afternoon!

Right now to celebrate Spring and kickoff our new tour season and of course congratulate you for making it through- we’re offering 25% off using SPRING15.

So get out there and enjoy!