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Weather the next winter storm with Navy Strength!

Green Hat Gin | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

Maybe I’ve just been in denial for the past few weeks- but judging by the SIX TEN INCHES OF SNOW outside my door,

I have to admit that that pampered, overstuffed, ageless groundhog was right!

(I know you know which shadow seeking rodent I am referring to- none other than Punxsutawney)

Now some of you may like all this cold weather, bundling up and snow.  I’ll admit even I like the snow days!

But before we go letting some groundhog  call all the shots , and batten down our hatches for several more weeks of frost, I have a SOLUTION!

Saturday Feb 21st, New Columbia Distillery, makers of Green Hat Gin came out with their fourth seasonal variety

Navy Strength!

It’s like they read our minds (or maybe the weather forecast) because this gingery gin is so strong (114 proof!) it’ll make your tummy warm and fuzzy and your toes tingly-

the perfect thing to liven up your cocktails and enough to keep ol’ Punksutawney at bay.

I popped in to Green Hat to get the scoop on their latest variety and learn about what was Behind The Booze, And I know its February and all, but what I found out was

there is nothing but love behind each bottle of hand crafted juniper berry goodness.

Green Hat Gin, or should I say New Columbia Distillery, is a family owned distillery, run by Michael and his son-in-law John.  Michael was a retired lawyer, looking for a “project,” (seriously…that’s a project??) and John was a beer buyer.   Both- gin lovers.

They realized that the district was missing a craft distillery, so they set out to fix that.  And this distillery is craft in every sense of the word.  From the wheat and rye they source from farmers on the Northern Neck and custom made stills from Germany to the hand-picked combination of herbs and flowers added for flavor and bottles made in France.

These guys have their hands in every part of the process, from start to finish- and you can taste it in every seasoned-to-perfection pour.  I mean, this gin is sipable! (how many gin’s do you know that are actually enjoyable when sipped neat!!)

While they are the first distillers in the district, landing in Ivy City after a six month search for suitable space, many others have quickly followed.  One Eight and Atlas brewery are also nearby which makes for a super fun tasting afternoon.

Two other distilleries are set to open in the Ivy ‘hood soon, as well as some others around the city- bringing the grand total to 6 district distilleries!

Now if you think that’s a lot of distilleries for one city, Portland has 20 and Seattle has over 40!

As if that weren’t enough- we can expect to see cocktails coming to these masters of the still!

Green Hat Gin partnered up with One Eight to draft legislation for DC City Council, which would allow them to serve cocktails on the premises.  So next time you go for a visit, you may just be served!

And while we’re on the subject- you can definitely feel the love when you ask a gin distiller about his favorite cocktail.

We’ll let’s see…. there’s the classic G&T but with a twist- use a Grapefruit instead of lime to bring out the grapefruitiness of Green Hat!, or you could go with the French 75, perhaps  a Bees Knees– it’s great with Ginavit and honey, then there’s always the Aviation,  or you could

 Get all Dean Martin”  

With a classic Gin Martini. you could mix it up with a White Negroni! Maybe even a Facinator!

There’s definitely a lot of love coming out of these stills, and plenty more to come in the future.  So check out the new Navy Strength and keep this delicious distillery on your radar!