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We know what we’re thankful for!

Bread for the City | Carpe DC Food Tours Washington DC

It’s Bread, but this ain’t no wonder bread we’re talking about!

Carpe DC Food Tours is Thankful for Bread for the City

For the past year, our food tours has been taking locals and tourists alike on culinary and historic adventures through the U Street & Shaw neighborhoods and the 14thStreet dining scene.

However, aside from the joy of showing everyone this beautiful, and delicious city- there’s something else that makes this Carpe journey so near and dear for us. You’ve probably heard us say it before- but this time of year they deserves a lil shout out!

We are stoked to be DC’s only One-for-One food tour! which means every tour purchased helps to feed the District’s residents in need for a day via our partnership with the one and only, the amazing

Bread for the City

So far, we have helped feed over 400 DC residents and counting!

And if you’re wondering why we decided to get into the one-for-one business, basically its because throughout our travels we found it hard to give back to the communities we were visiting in a meaningful way. So we wanted to make our travel experience have a way to contribute that’s easy yet very powerful!

Travelers and locals are able to contribute to a this awesome local charity just by being part of our tour.

Our main focus is to support local businesses and the community as a whole and this is a small token of that effort.

We chose Bread for the City because of their stellar reputation.  For almost 40 years, Bread for the City mission has been to provide vulnerable residents of Washington, DC with comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that their main facility is located in the Shaw neighborhood, steps away from all of the businesses we feature on our food tour.

So we hope this lil blog post helped you feel the DC love as you prepare to see your families for this gratitude (and turkey) filled holiday!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy that Turkey!