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The Art of Tradition


Whether it’s the holidays, my adorable 2-and-a-half-year-old or just my general desire to always understand culture and society on a deeper level (raise your hand Anthropologists!), lately, I find myself thinking a lot about traditions.

As a parent, I am now in the role of tradition-maker/creator, which any parent knows, is a big responsibility. Last year, when she was one, she really didn’t know what was going on, so just to open a present was exceeding expectations.  (ahhh the good ol’days)

This year is different…I’ve already heard gingerbread, my Christmas, my Christmas tree, Rudolf, reindeer, elves and of course, Santa…too many times to count.

And need I remind you… its not even December yet!?!

I literally don’t know where she’s getting this from (assuming day care), but either way… pressure’s on..

CREATE TRADITIONS- don’t mess this up!

It got me thinking… traditions are a lot like travelling.

You go to Paris, sit in a café and enjoy the best cup of coffee EVER…

Now I’m not trying to imply that wasn’t the best cup of coffee of your life, but it could be that just because the context has changed… now its been elevated.

So maybe you make cookies all year round, but now.. we’re making special Christmas cookies- still simple, but the added meaning of the holiday (and possibly an extra dash of cinnamon or a specific recipe) makes them *special.*

I say all this in hopes that it pulls you from going down the rabbit hole of holiday planning perfection.  You don’t need to be straight out of a Lands End catalogue to have an epic holiday with your loved ones.

At the end of the day, sitting on the couch, watching your *special* holiday movie could be as much a tradition as cutting down your own tree (which is not a tradition I’ll be taking up any time soon, but bravo to those who do!)

And if you’re looking to keep things simple, yet elevated, this year, we’ve also taken a little time, in partnership with the Georgetown BID, to start a new holiday tradition.

Georgetown, in true, classy Gtown fashion is putting on its 5th annual GLOW festival of lights.  And we’ve teamed up with them for a de’light’ful holiday experience, where you can enjoy some delicious tastings, while taking in the light installations along the historic backdrop of this lovely neighborhood.

So you can close all those tabs open in search of holiday perfection, and just head to our tours page to book now! Then close that computer, turn up the Grinch and get to the important things… snuggling with your loves.